Measure Your Looks
      Mathematically Calculated and Compared World Wide

Build your confidence and be sure!

Most people are not certain about their looks. Yet everyone would like to know how they compare against other people. Most often we have a slight idea, but how do we compare against the rest of the world? Knowing your facial beauty could improve your confidence or give you guidance towards what to do to improve your looks. This application will mathematically calculate your facial structure and rate your looks based on the divine proportion 1.618.

People find the divine proportion of 1:1.618 attractive.

Based on the divine proportion you can mathematically determine how good looking you are. This code (1.618) is often referred to as the "building blocks" of the universe and almost everything in the universe is on scale similar to this. Humans thus find this proportion appealing.

Your face also has this building foundation.

Based on this measurement you will be able to see how closely accurate your face matches the 1.618 Code. People with a close match are generally considered attractive.

NOTE: This application measures mathematical and the frontal facial beauty. True beauty is made up from a combination of factors such as overall attire, body design, symmetrics, emotional intelligence, attitude, charisma, physical looks and many more.

How to measure your face:

  1. Accuracy is important. Use a ruler that do not bend to measure. Use a mirror to ensure this is accurate. Asking someone to help you could improve the accuracy of the measurement.
  2. Measure from the exact points as displayed on the sample picture of the face below.
  3. When measuring from the top of the head down, include the height of the hair as well as length of your beard (for men) as this forms part of your looks.
  4. The amount of people using this application will be used as part of the comparison statistics that will be used against your measurements.

Measurement Units: (kg, cm, mm)
Ethnic Origins:
Body Weight: kg
Body Height: cm
A: mm
B: mm
C: mm
D: mm
E: mm
F: mm
G: mm
H: mm
I: mm

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